The Global Shift

What is the Global Shift?

The Global Shift is an awakening humanity is going through of evolving to a Higher Dimension of reality. This means that Humans globally are in the middle of the expansion of consciousness which will take us into the next level of our evolution. We are in the middle of transitioning from the 4th Dimension (Materialistic Manifesting) to the 5th Dimension (High Vibrational Manifesting) and the Light Forces & millennial lightworkers are all assisting in the Ascension Process. The 4th Dimension is a Plane of consciousness that we need to work very hard in order to manifest what we desire. But in the 5th Dimension, thoughts become things. So, whatever vibrational signal we connect to with the Universe, we manifest using the power of thought.
Soul’s use to reincarnate on earth to just grow, but now with the newer generations, more Lightworkers are coming here to help assist Earth & Humanity. Everyone is assigned to do different things while we go through the Ascension Process. Lots of us work as things like Planetary Healers, Teachers, and Messengers. Once we all are in touch with our soul, we then have the power to put our gifts into action! It is important though as we are all working to help serve in some way or another, that we are being true to ourselves and we want to be the best person that we can be. We need to make sure that everything that we are doing to help in the Shift, we are doing it by shining our authentic light and not being Ego-Driven. By this time, all humans will know who they are, what their soul’s path is, and the world itself will all be based around being of service to the Earth.

What is the purpose of the Global Shift?

The purpose of this Global Shift is to bring Heaven to Earth. This means we are here to create a bridge between the Realm of Spirit and the Realm of Earth. So, when we create this link between worlds, if anyone in the physical world feels lost or is in need for whatever reason, we can access the resourcefulness of the Universe because we have created that bridge. This bridge that we are here to create comes from within ourselves as Divine Spiritual Beings of Light. We have our physical body which is the vehicle our soul’s are driving in this beautiful Earth Plane while we are exploring, learning, and continuously growing.

Where is the evidence of the Global Shift?

The evidence of this Global Shift can be noticed in the massive number of people that are embracing independent spiritual paths. Human consciousness has gotten to a point where we are all having this greater desire to spiritually know ourselves better. Instead of going to a church and following a bible that tells us how to live our lives, we are learning to trust and live by our own personal truth. We are already moving past the traditional ways of doing things. Each person’s truth is unique. So rather following the crowd, we’re beginning to embrace the inner voice to guide us along the roads less traveled by. This independent spirituality that thousands of individuals are seeking, is helping us begin to see the power of the heart as we expand to the Revolution of Love. Which brings me to another huge indication of the Global Shift.

People are becoming more open to love. With love, we can do great things. Because when Love flows through us, we don’t want to see anybody hurt. Compassion becomes second nature to us. With the power of Love, we discover the purpose of life and we are able to be of service to the World for the better. If most of humanity can be open to love, we’ll surely reverse our course and heal, rather than destroy our only planet. It is very possible that once we all Love, we will be able to accomplish anything together as one race.

What will happen once we ascend to the Higher Dimensions?

The ascension process will always continue no matter what. But when we make the transition from 4D to 5D, we are leaving behind all sense of separation, fear, and crime. This Ascension Process will become a time of Peace, Love, Unity & Oneness. Abundance available to all. There will be respect and love for all beings reigning on Earth. As soon as most of the population that has awakened to this Divine Reality, all of those that are living on a lower plane like 4D or don’t believe in it won’t survive. The ways of life will also be a lot different too in many ways. When were talking about survival, humans that are living on this higher vibration are going to need to continue expanding in vibration for us to live. Physical health like eating, exercising, and sleeping might not be as needed as much as things like meditation and yoga will. This is nothing to fear, but more it’s a very exciting time to be here. As far as psychology goes, everyone is going to be a lot more honest with each other about everything. For this reason, we will all be much more aware of our intuitive thoughts and feelings. We aren’t going to rely so much on the spoken or written word that we see on television or the internet anymore because of our enhanced intuition. By this time, communication will be much faster too because it will be mind-to-mind. As far as technology goes, we won’t really need it as much. Our subconscious minds are going to be our tool for future technology. Eventually, thoughts are going to become things. Our imagination is going to be the thing that will help us shift into these higher planes of consciousness. What we think today as impossible, will be possible! Everything is possible (even a world where there’s no such thing as student loans. YES hahaha). It’s going to take time and effort from everyone for us to get to that point, but this is where humanity itself is heading.

This is indeed the hardest transition we’ll have to make together. The reason this Ascension we are in right now is the most difficult is because the 4th Dimension is the highest dimension of physically manifesting and the 5th Dimension is the lowest dimension of vibrationally manifesting. It’s as complicated as moving from doing something traditionally on paper to digitally on a computer. It will be more difficult for some people than it will for others. However as soon as we all awaken to 5D Living, it will be a lot easier for us to ascend even higher like 6D, 7D, 8D and beyond!

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