Types of Lightworkers

Empaths (The Planetary Healers)

Empaths are some of the most energy sensitive beings on Earth. They are a special breed that has a gift of being able to absorb and intuitively feel the energies of everything around them. A gifted Empath sees the world vastly different compared to non-empaths. An Empath’s heart is always about healing the world with their sympathetic understanding of people and things. Lots of Empath’s carry a soul of a shaman or a healer of some kind which makes their healing gifts so natural. They see that the world needs serious help and they feel that it’s their job to help heal it. They tend to make other people’s problems their own problems because of their habit of absorbing these bad energies. This habit causes them to feel energetically exhausted to even do anything. This, however, is not their fault because it is built in the core of being an Empath. They are healers and their job is to heal the planet.

Empath Traits:

  • Highly sensitive
  • Feel drained being in large crowds
  • Very introverted
  • Highly Intuitive
  • Excellent listeners
  • Need alone time often
  • Nature & animal lovers
  • You know when someone is lying
  • Watching violence, cruelty or tragedy on TV is unbearable
  • Have huge hearts but sometimes give away too much

Empath’s Mission:
Empaths are here to be of service to healing the planet physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Whether this is healing animals, plants, or people, their job is to heal. Lots of Empaths work as energy healers, counselors, paramedics, psychics, or any healing job that they can use their emotionally intuitive gifts of feeling everything on a deeper level.

Earthworkers (The Nature Lightworkers)

This group of Lightworkers are into sacred sites, ley lines, and earth healing in a big way. Earthworkers have a deep connection with Gaia (Mother Earth) and lots of them even have enhanced telepathic abilities when it comes to understanding animals and plants. Being in nature is where the Earthworker thrives. They love to travel, see new sights, like to show others the beauty of it and they adore everything about Nature. They deeply feel like it’s their job to take care of it. After all, working with Mother Nature & the Planet all together is their main priority as an Earthworker.

Earthworker Traits:

  • Love traveling
  •  Thrive being in nature
  • Enjoy seeing new landscapes
  • Enjoy hiking
  • Like to show and teach others the beauty of Mother Earth
  • Live very Eco-friendly lifestyles
  • Deep desire to save the Planet
  • Care about the well-being of the planet
  • Feel and understand the pain of animals and plants

Earthworker Mission:
They come here to be of service to Mother Nature. Lots of these individuals may work as travelers, tour guides, teachers about nature and animals, wildlife healers or alternatively do energy work with nature spirits and elementals. Regardless of the job they decide to choose from, it’s pretty clear that these Earthworkers are here to assist the Earth & Wildlife.

Technical Innovators (The Technology Lightworkers)

There are many lightworkers coming in now whose focus is the scientific advancement and technical innovation. An example of a Lightworker who had this focus is Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs was a visionary and a creative genius and he left behind a legacy that changed the computer, music, film and wireless industries. As we move further along this higher frequency timeline, there will be an acceleration of our ability to access higher forms of technology. Technical Innovators have already shifted areas such as communications and many are interested in developing free energy technology where everything can become mind-to-mind. Already we are living in a global village where we can all connect if we have access to the internet.

Technical Innovator Traits:

  • Enjoy subjects like engineering, sciences, and mathematics
  • Deep desire to make life easier
  • Thrive on newer technologies
  • Love coming up with new ideas
  • Very smart
  • High IQs
  • Very creative
  • Driven towards the ‘Big Picture’
  • Want to play a role in the overall advancement of humanity

Technical Innovators Mission:
Technical Innovators are here to help humans bring newer forms of technology in all ways to help us connect with each other better. Lot’s of these individuals may not be science or mathematical geniuses but they may even be inventors of other projects. The goal for them is to bring new inventions and ideas to the table and to make life easier for humanity.

Starseeds (The Extraterrestrial Lightworkers)

Starseeds are advanced beings that originated from far-distant stars and galaxies. They are highly evolved souls that have an incomprehensible amount of wisdom hibernating in their core. While there are several different beliefs as to the origins of starseeds, their purpose is clear; they are on Earth to be of service to mankind. They are not here to learn or study humans, but instead to assist our societies into a new age.

Adromedan Starseeds

The Andromedan civilization is very large inhabiting the Andromeda Galaxy in the constellation of Andromeda. It is a Spiral Galaxy that is about 2.5 million light-years away from Earth. Those with an Andromeda planetary origin seek freedom. The Andromedans come to challenge us to understand what “light” is. The true freedom they seek comes only from within. It is found only by developing self-love and the inner spiritual self. Andromedans have healing and communication abilities which are normally felt in early childhood. There is a desire to work with healing the physical, emotional, or psychic pains of mankind.

Andromedan Starseed Traits

  • Very protective of their emotional boundaries
  • Freedom-seekers
  • Love risk & thrill
  • Natural healers
  • Leaders in the group, not followers
  • Enjoy traveling and exploring
  • Don’t like routine
  • Great communication skills

Andromedan Starseed Mission:
Andromedans are “Beings of Light” who are dedicated to bringing new technologies and holistic forms of healing to the whole universe. They also strive to assist other star-nations to live in peace and unity.

Apollonian Starseeds

The Apollonian civilization origin is on the Apollonia Star Cluster located in the constellation of Alpha Centauri. Apollonians have early recognition of energy fields, auras, and spirits, and are very much drawn to spiritual learning as a way to find answers and information. They may appear to others like “professional students”, or give the appearance of being unable to make up their minds as to what they wish to do. This, however, is not the case. They react abruptly when others try to restrict them regarding identity. They hate being labeled or limited in their roles. This is because Apollonians thrive on learning as they like to be multi-talented throughout their life. They love the idea of improving their abilities in any way they can. Simply put, Apollonian’s don’t allow themselves to be limited to anything or definition of who and what they are.

Apollonian Starseed Traits:

  • Deep interest in talking
  • Like being different from others
  • They laugh a lot
  • Strong empathy for others
  • Connect well with animals
  • Attracted to children

Apollonian Starseed Mission:
Many Apollonian starseeds have work to do as Earth healers; There is a strong love of beauty and nature. Apollonians often rely on the beauty and peace of nature to heal themselves and find peace within. These abilities with energy may lead them to do healing work at some point in their lives, either with the planet, animals or people. They usually have taken on a healing approach mainly because of their deep connection to Mother Earth and her needs.

Arcturian Starseeds

Arcturus is located in the constellation of Boötes. It’s one of the brightest stars in our sky (37 times bigger than the sun) and is home to the most advanced extraterrestrial civilization in the galaxy. Arcturus is the 9th Dimensional civilization that is a prototype of Earth’s future. They have been connected with the Earth and the human race for the past 150,000 years. Like Pleiadians, they are one of the only civilizations in the galaxy that is united spiritually by the power of Love. The Arcturian civilization has no concerns about physical survival, security, retirement, pension, or even forms of primitive work. These matters are not included in their realm. They devote their time and space to spiritual life and nothing more. This origin they come from makes them as incarnated humans very loving and loyal.

Arcturian Starseed Traits:

  • Loving & Compassionate
  • Go-getters
  • Always strong within
  • Very enthusiastic and optimistic
  • Get bored easily
  • Enjoy teaching & sharing knowledge
  • Love making others laugh
  • Great advice-givers
  • Great story-tellers
  • Very creative
  • Drawn to topics like Sacred Geometry, Ancient Civilization, Sciences

Arcturian Starseed Mission:
Arcturians come to assist Earth by teaching humans that the most fundamental ingredient for living in the Higher Dimensions is Love. Fear, anger, and guilt must be overcome and exchanged for Love & Light.  It is a mission of connection and more specifically, a mission of energy infusion for the Ascension Process.

Lyran Starseeds

Lyran Starseeds originate from the constellation Lyra that is around 221 million light years away from Earth. Lyrans can originate from some of the following stars based in the Lyra constellation; (1) Vega; (2) Gamma Lyrae; (3) Eta Lyrae; (4) Sulafat; (5) Sheliak.
The lyrans are a race of humanoids that have been in existence long before the account of Earth began. They are responsible for the seeding of planet Earth. They usually have a feeling that they can’t “go home”. Many Lyrans know that they have ancient roots. Yet, they have trouble finding their Starseed connection. This is because they identify with multiple star systems. Most Lyrans have incarnated as Andromedans, Pleiadians, Sirians, Vegans, etc. after their star system was destroyed. Lyran Starseeds have a great thirst for knowledge and growth. Learning and knowledge are very important to the Lyrans. Passing on ancient information, craft-skills, and developing technology is highly wanted in Lyrans.

Lyran Starseed Traits:

  • Quiet and shy by nature
  • Enjoy their own company
  • Love researching
  • Have a deep desire of knowing
  • Deep soul-searchers

Lyran Starseed mission:
Lyran souls are the voyagers, the explorer race, working on a very high vibration. Their purpose is to aid and assist in the development of high advanced civilizations. Lyra is often referred to as the womb of humans. As the Earth advances technologically, the Earth’s connection will be greater to Lyra. Their purpose to help humans raise back to their origin as Lyra as they help people bridge between scientific and spiritual sciences. Others come to help further develop highly advanced technology that will benefit mankind in their evolution process.

Orion Starseeds

Orion Starseeds originate from the constellation Orion that is around 1300 light years away from Earth. There are 9 different stars that an Orion starseed can originate from within the Orion constellation: (1) Betelgeuse; (2) Rigel; (3) Alnilam; (4) Bellatrix; (5) Saiph; (6) Meissa; (7) Atlas; (8) Pleione; (9) Celaeno.
Orions are perfectionists and they expect the same from others. Those from Orion require privacy and time alone to recharge, learn and develop the flow within. They learn best by themselves or in little groups and don’t feel at ease in large classroom settings. Orion starseeds are profoundly implanted with the desire to call into question, seek proof, answers, and logical understanding before accepting beliefs. They feel “I need to see in order to believe”. Orion starseeds struggle with combining spiritual self and technical mind. This is because the pattern of many Orions work on a mind level as opposed to feeling. They have a strong thirst for understanding, reasons, and to know the inner wisdom of all things.

Orion Starseed Traits:

  • Enjoy competition
  • Great advisors
  • Skeptics
  • Great sense of humor
  • People easily accept you
  • vulnerable to finding a balance

Orion Starseed Mission:
There is strong communication with Spirit and a psychic ability for Orions. Because Orions by nature needs to question, seek proof, answers and logic understanding before accepting beliefs, Orions are here to grow on the spiritual pathway by connecting the technical mind with the spiritual self. It is these same qualities which make Orions important collectors of information and knowledge which then can be shared with others. They are here to seek the truth and share the facts based on the knowledge they’ve gained.

Pleiadian Starseeds

The Pleiadian civilization is very large located in the constellation The Pleiades. There are 7 different stars that a Pleiadian Starseed can originate from within the Pleiades constellation: (1) Asterope; (2) Taygeta; (3) Maia; (4) Electra; (5) Merope; (6) Celaeno (7) Pleione.

The Pleiadians works closely with the Arcturians in the spiritual evolution of Love, as they are also very spiritually advanced beings. Pleiadians have big visions and great communication skills to talk to people in their grand visions. Their vibration is sensual, loving, and ecstatic with a great need for beauty, upliftment, relaxation and nature. They don’t make waves of negativity but instead they healing through things like music, emotional poetry, and art that stimulates the love in our hearts. They understand that life is colorful and flowing, and so it reflects them in their way of being.

Pleiadian Starseed Traits:

  • Kind, Loving and sensitive
  • Always like to be happy
  • Cannot tolerate criticism
  • Get relief by crying
  • Driven by Change
  • Excellent communicators
  • Sense of Charm
  • Entertaining to be around

Pleiadian Starseed Mission:
Like Lyrans, Pleiadians also share a connection to the creation of mankind which is why they too are primary mentors guiding us and assisting us through this transition. Pleiadians inspire us to rise to this rare opportunity of Ascension. They motivate us by saying “Get over your sob stories of the past. Move on”.

Sirian Starseeds

Sirian Starseeds originate from the star Sirius located in the constellation Canis Major. Sirius is sometimes known as the Dog Star because it is known as the brightest star in Earth’s sky. Much of the Atlantean knowledge containing crystal healing, aura work, and light energy healing can be felt today by many lightworkers here on Earth, This was a gift from the Sirians. Souls from Sirius came to Egypt as God-men and God-women they brought structure to society and built pyramids and temples, within them pathways and tunnels, which allowed them to communicate above and below. It was their way of bringing both worlds together. They were the creators of the factors that provide grounding, applying and integrating of all higher forms of knowledge into the physically manifested creations of Earth.

Sirian Traits:

  • High intelligence
  • Make very faithful friends
  • Want to have an answer for everything
  • Masters of Law of attraction
  • Nature-lovers
  • See the ‘magic and beauty’ in all things
  • High interest in witchy magical things and energy work
  • Very accepting of others
  • They are great at things like technology, computers, and electronics.

Sirian Starseed Mission:
Sirians have the ability to ground spiritual information to make it available for all beings on Earth. They are helpers, workers, and doers here to build the golden age. By applying higher forms of knowledge and integrating through grounding, thus physical manifesting of many creations on Earth will be savored. They work as the bridge between Spirit and Earth.

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