Ascension Symptoms

Physical Symptoms (Body)

Breathing Problems
There may be times when your throat might feel tight and harder to breathe than normal. This can be many different things in accordance to ascension. Some of the following signs could be (1) Your spirit guides/angels are trying to channel through you using your mouth; (2) Your Throat chakra is opening.

Dizziness/Headaches/Migraines/Head Pressure
Any pains going on in the Head like dizziness, headaches, or migraines may occur to you because your brain is currently still adjusting to higher vibrations while it is in the process of attaining a higher consciousness. For our mind to be still is the best cure to healing these pains, and avoid medications of any kind as this could ruin the Ascension Process.

If you’ve been noticing a pattern of constantly feeling exhausted even if you have good sleeping habits, this may not be exhaustion of tiredness. But instead, I call it being Energetically Exhausted. This is usually due to being in an overwhelming environment and too busy soaking up the energies and emotions of others. Or you may even be working too hard and happen to find yourself not even being able to think properly and do anything at all. This usually causes us to feel drained and exhausted. Remember to keep taking breaks often so you can recharge. Energy Management plays a huge part of Ascension.

Heart Pain & Palpitations
When we feel any sort of physical pains in our Heart, it may not always be because of heart disease or anything as such. It is also a common symptom of Ascension that our Heart Center is raising in vibration and is opening to its higher state of energy. Along with this Higher State within the Heart Center comes with new levels of empathy and compassion comes in all forms.

The symptom of having troubles falling asleep. People always talk about how our brain seems to be more active at night than in the day. That is truth. The reason for it is because usually, it is the night that when we have the desire to stop working and thinking non-stop, we officially let go of all the worries of the day and we are unconsciously more open to receiving from the Divine. Usually, it is the night that Spirit is known to be the most active. So, if we start having the busy head during the night, it is usually because we are paying more attention to the messages from the Divine which ironically is the time we have the desire to sleep and not think anything.

Loss of Balance
To find balance as we awaken in this Ascension process is crucial. I say this because people never seem to fully awaken when they are unbalanced. Because when we are balanced, we can go about our days more productively while we find time for all the other important things that are in our life like our relationships, career, and our spiritual growth.

Mental Symptoms (Mind)

Communication Difficulties
If communication begins to be more difficult to you, it’s because you are getting back to your natural state of being a multidimensional being. In this state of being, there is no need to speak because communication becomes mind-to-mind. A good thing to practice doing is to speak your truth. This will make communication a bit easier for you.

Creative Urge
Creative expression is the very essence that describes an individual’s soul. If you start to get overwhelmed with ideas, creativity, and expressing yourself with those ideas, a good way to handle this is writing down everything you come up with whenever inspiration hits you and act on those things accordingly.

Difficulty Concentrating
You may in school or at work and you keep finding yourself being unable to concentrate. Some people might call you out and start bashing on you for not paying attention. Please don’t feel bad about this. This is a huge sign that you’re ascending to a higher perspective and outlook on the reality of life. If you truly think you are the one falling behind everyone while in school or work, think again. You’re ahead of everyone else.

Difficulty Accessing Words
It’s normal for us to not have the words that describe this feeling, image or perspective that we have. Usually, when were awakening, we may hear things, have flashbacks or daydreams of images and symbols that usually represent something close to our heart. The difficulty of accessing words is about trying to translate what we are feeling, seeing, or hearing into physical reality.

Ego Death/Loss of Identity
To be transcending Ego is a beautiful thing of Ascension. It can change a person’s life almost immediately when we stop living from our Ego. This is when the true authentic self shines through and we can live more happily and satisfied than Ego could ever give us.

Letting Go
You may be starting to let go of materialistic needs, people, friends, and all things a lot more than you’d expect yourself to. That is because you are releasing all things that are no longer being of service to you. And this is a huge sign of spiritual strength and courage. Because now, you are letting in all the things that will help you grow as you continue down your path.

Need for Truth
The openness of spirituality is a lot more common than it use to be. This inner desire is about us discovering the truth for ourselves. We have this thirst for knowledge and are starting to back away from things such as religion and beginning to go down an independent spiritual path of authenticity.

Not relying on others as much
You will find yourself beginning to not trust people as much anymore. You may even have already started to relying on your intuition than on the spoken or written word. It’s important that through this awakening, you don’t give up on humanity and trap yourself avoid all social interaction. This will hurt you down the road. Remember to stay true to yourself and to be kind and Love all beings reigning on Earth. This is what Ascension is all about.

Emotional Symptoms (Heart)

A deeper wanting to “Go Home”
During the Ascension Process, we begin to start searching for things like “Home”. Where we currently live or grew up may not exactly feel like home to us anymore. It’s important to remember that “Home” is not always a place, but more of a feeling. It’s the feeling of where you belong. When we are home, we are connected to ourselves on a deeper and spiritual level.

Desire to “Find yourself”
You are in the process of shedding old layers of yourself that people built upon you and are beginning to shine your light. You may be taking up new hobbies that have always interested you and are looking for things that feel right to you. You may be going down a different path than the path that everyone else is going down. Don’t second guess if you shouldn’t go down this path because of what other people will think of you. Just do it. Your soul will thank you later.

Feelings of Isolation
Feeling isolated, disconnected and alone is a very common thing to feel in the process of ascension. You’re in the middle of awakening to greater heights of consciousness whereas the people around you may not be experiencing these things. It’s a good idea if you feel like you’re in such case to leave the crowd and find people who are going through the same stages as you. You will awaken faster too.

Being in the middle of ascension can be a very frustrating process. Especially if you have a very little amount of patience. You may begin to awaken to new insights of all sorts and are unsure where you currently are in this awakening. You may feel that you just want to get this awakening over with right away. Like having a cold, you need to take care of yourself to get better. Of course, the best way to get past this symptom is to have patience throughout the entire Ascension Process.

Mood swings
Being emotionally unstable is a common thread in Ascension. Sometimes we may be feeling a little off but have no reason to logically feel this way. This can be a sign of a couple different things. (1) Your emotional intuition/overactive empathy is starting to kick in; (2) Your emotional body is in the middle of adjusting to higher vibrations. The best way to pass this symptom is to make emotional awareness a daily practice.

Sudden Anxiety & Panic
Your perception of life is changing at a dramatic pace. With that comes a desire to fall into a cycle of past and future thinking which is enabling stress and anxiety. It’s a good idea to move forward in this Ascension process by thinking things like “What can I do or change right now in this moment to get where I need to be”. Staying present is key.

Spiritual Symptoms (Soul)

Healing Abilities
You may notice within your current surroundings. People keep coming to you when they’re in need of healing. This is a sign that you are awakening to your natural healing gifts that you were born with. Lot’s of healers have past life memories of being a Shaman. This is a big indicator that you are a healer.

Lucid Dreaming
Lucid dreaming is when we become aware that we are dreaming while we are asleep. When we’re are aware of ourselves within our sleep, this is a huge ascension sign of many different things. (1) You are experiencing what it means to be a multidimensional being; (2) You are witnessing a parallel life; (3) You may be astral traveling; (4) You are witnessing your past lives; (5) You are experiencing the life of the Spirit Realm.

Past Life Recall
You may have vivid memories of things that feel very familiar to you and your soul. However, you can’t exactly recall if those memories actually happened in this life. Don’t doubt that these memories you’re having didn’t ever exist. This is a sign that these memories you’ve had are memories from your previous lives. Often past life recall will hit us when there is a lesson that needs to be learned.

Stronger Nature/Animal Connection
You often use the wildlife as a method of healing and finding yourself. This connection you have symbolizes that you know that all humans, animals, plants & forms of life all have a soul. You feel no separate compared to an animal because you understand that animals are spiritual beings as well. And you know that a flower is no separate from you because if you don’t water it, it’s going to die. You take this knowledge from the wildlife to remind yourself of who you are.

Synchronistic Experiences
Synchronicity occurs when we see strange coincidences that happen. A common synchronistic experience lots of people get is seeing triple digits or the same numbers everywhere like on a clock with 11:11, 12:12, 3:33 or a license plate with 555, 666, 777 etc. Things like this are like a wink from the Universe. It’s saying “hey! I’m here taking care of you”.

Vivid Dreams/Prophetic Dreams
If you are starting to notice a strange pattern going on in your dreams, don’t be too alarmed. Our dreams are known as the most preferred method for our spirit guides to speak to us. Because when we are asleep, the ego is at rest and we just allow the dream to unfold in front of us. That’s why when you wake up, your like “oh that was a weird dream I had.” It’s because your ego is awake and is judging that dream you had. It’s strongly recommended to keep a dream journal and write out everything you remember from that dream. As you continue doing this, you will begin to see a pattern going on and a message within those dreams.

Signs that you have already Ascended

  • Accept things as they are
  • Being Playful & Fun-Loving
  • Dreams coming true easily & effortlessly
  • Easily Manifesting Material needs
  • Found the Love you’ve been seeking
  • Knowing there are no mistakes in life
  • Knowing everything is as it should be
  • Let go of the need to judge and compete with others
  • Letting life unfold naturally without needing to plan or preview everything

  • Letting one’s authentic self & true purpose shine
  • Not caring what others think of you
  • Relying on feeling and intuition rather than logic and analytical analysis
  • Simplifying one’s lifestyle
  • Trust in Divine Timing
  • You’re at peace with your Past, Present & Future
  • You’re aware that your vibration create your reality
  • You see every human, animal & plant as a Being of Light

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