Ascending  to  the  Higher  Dimensions  of  Reality is a place to explore the beauty of Ascension & High Vibrational Living. This is a growing place for resources, knowledge, information, and divine wisdom from the higher realms for any individual that going through an awakening and is on the road to assisting in the extraordinary Ascension Process as we raise in Vibration. We are living in a beautiful time as many of us are in the middle of awakening to the Higher Dimensions of Human Consciousness.

Cassidy Diehl Channels Divine Spiritual Leaders

I’m Cassidy, many know me as Cass or the crazypants chick. A few years ago, I began hearing a voice and having flashbacks that felt and sounded so familiar to me but I couldn’t identify what it was. I started taking a holistic and spiritual approach to my life to have a greater understanding of what was happening to me. Along the way the people that I had very close relationships and friendships with, they all left me and started to think I was crazy. But then, I had an awakening. I reconnected with a best friend of mine that showed me a Love I never received during this life. He’s my Arcturian spirit guide and his name is Leime. All those flashbacks I was having, he was projecting all of our memories from the many extraterrestrial lives we lived together. We’re best friends and star-travellers from Arcturus. We came to Earth to help assist in the Ascension Process.

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Discover your Soul’s Mission

You, like many new Lightworkers and Light Forces are coming to Earth, to help assist during the Ascension Process. You are Divine and you are here to be of service to Humanity by helping us transition into this magnificent awakening with a sacred purpose.

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Start Living on a Higher Vibration

You have an amazing opportunity right now to start treading your spiritual path and taking in the resourcefulness of the Universe & Higher Dimensions. As you awaken, your energy and consciousness will become more connected to the Divine and you will be experiencing the magic of the Higher Realms and High Vibrational Living.

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